Mixer Black Background

I’m running two 27" Mac monitors. I have my arrange page on the left and the Mixer on the right. I put in some long hours today with Cubase 7. Man…I just can’t get over how great the Arrange page looks compared to the Mixer. I mean…I know there are different opinions about the Mixer. Some love it others hate it. I for one love the layout and concept, I just don’t like the black background and the childish “brushed” look. To my eyes it also has a sort of uneven “backlight”. AS pointed out in other threads there are also the track separation issues. But I really think I could work with this Mixer 10 hours a day if Steinberg just gave me a color skin in the Preferences just for the Mixer. I’ve played around with the Preferences to get a perfect Arrange page but can’t even get close to anything workable on the Mixer. . (I’ve been a Cubase user since the Atari days). Anyhoo…what do you guys think? Black Mixer or Mixer Preference adjustable?

I definitely miss the option to change the color and contrast of the mixer. Not a big fan of the dark color

I like it. Easy on the eyes.

When doing works for 30 minutes or an hour the light background is nice, but if you sit for hours and hours looking at the screen with bright colours it will be hard for your eyes, many programs do have this dark schema because of the proven ergonomics of it.

I think a slider on the mixconsole would be nice but then again the less code used the better.