Mixer -> blank left side and then crashes

This is really annoying.
Don’t know why this happens.

NO plugins at all.
New project.
Approx. 30 files dragged into empty project (mp3 and wave).
Mixer -> left side is “empty”.
Using key command to CLOSE left side results in immediate crash.
Opening again.
Happens again.

Solution: New project.
MBPR, Mojave, C10 Pro.


Is it reproducible on your side? Can you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

same thing happening here. repeatedly crashing for no obvious reasons as well.


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Same for me, in C10. Has been like that randomly in some projects, in others there’s no problem. Extremely annoying - I just click on “show/hide left zone” in the mixer and it crashes immediately. Every single time. And the left zone is just blank.

Haven’t upgraded yet to C11, hopefully this issue will be fixed then.