Mixer bridge "Wave" includes midi notes

I could use this feature more if it included midi information.

+1. Great idea, should be there already!


If it includes midi notes, +2 if I can double click it to directly enter the editor. At that part in time.

yes being able to edit a midi event or audio event in this way would be a very interesting route to incorporating more touch screen stuff. I could see m monitors in prorate instead of landscape and much closer to me if we could do this. fingers on the faders and mousing above on the wave editor. more of a windows 8 and up thing right now.

to go on that tangent… the issue with touch screens now is that when your done touching the screen the mouse is where ever you last touched. If it’s 10 point touch technology it would be cool to be able to set touch one permanently to the mouse so it stays where you leave it…9 left to work with.