Mixer buttons black (M/S/W/R/etc) in 10.5

In Cubase 10.5 can I change the background colour (or font color) of the M/S/W/R/etc buttons in the Mixer? They are now black with an almost black font. That’s unreadable! I can’t find where to do this in the User Interface preferences?
Cubase 10.5 black buttons.png


This happens, when you are using unsupported Graphic card or driver.

Try to update your graphic card driver first, please.

If it doesn’t happen, you can try to uninstall your driver and use native Microsoft graphic driver.

Yeah. That’s it. My motherboard has on-board Intel graphics HD3000. The latest drivers that windows automatically installs give the black button problem, there are no other drivers available for windows 10 as the video card is EOL for Intel. Rolling back to the Microsoft Basic Display adapter fixes the issue. Unfortunately the basic driver does not support multiple monitors. So it’s a catch-22 situation. I guess I’ll need to go find a newer video card. (I bet the root cause is some OpenGL compatibility thingy)