Mixer can not be set to stay on top of other windows

How come the mixer now disappears when clicking on Project window.
You used to be able to keep it on Top of other Window which makes sense.

This is a bug that ought to be addressed in the next update

It’s not a bug, it’s by design. However after many complaints they are talking about bringing it back if possible.

Design? Probably just like the Design to completely stop playback on tempo ramps with a tempo synced Instrument loaded or the Design that you can’t link channels or assign an effect/group track in the Main window only in the mixer?

Thanks for the heads up on the mixer anyways.

I usually have the mixer open on another screen, so it does not affect me as much. And if I have to I use a small utility program that can set any screen on top. But it shouldn’t be necessary I agree.

Can’t hurt to support this request… :wink:


Regards. :sunglasses: