Mixer channel grouping/visibility with multiple out vsts

Hi, I read some forum postings and I’m maybe missing something, but I can’t find how I can put this to work.

I often have one ore more battery instances (VST) with multiple outputs activated (up to 16), which is really annoying in the mixer.

Only suggested solution I could find would be linked groups with VCA faders and then hide stuff with filter channel types.

My problem: all outputs count as instrument. Even if I have a VCA for them, I can’t hide them without hiding all other instrument tracks as well.

Someone also suggested to use rack instruments instead of instrument tracks, but that’s leaves me only a midi-channel for my non-multi-out-vsts, which doesn’t help very much either.

My guess is there is no way to do this except getting rid of multi-outs or living with a cluttered mixer. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

If you are using multiple outs, the goal is to have the outputs as separated mixer channels.
If you don’t want this, to use multi-out makes no sense…

on the other hand, you can hide single channels as well… or sort them in a folder, that you can hide or use audio groups…

Yes, I want to have them in the mixer just not to see them all the time.
I was looking for a possibility to hide individual channels, so if it’s there I just hadn’t found it but I will, thanks.

wait, I will provide a screen shot in a minute… or two

on the left side you can choose which channels are shown…
it’s called the “Left Zone”

O my word, there’s a whole new world opening up.
I just understood the difference between lower zone and standalone mixer, no wonder I didn’t find anything.
Thanks a lot. (I’m dumb)

I’ll go read the handbook section for mixconsole window and be ashamed of myself.
Thanks again.

Shortcut function key F3 opens and closes the first mixer… there are 3 mix consoles available… all configurable to match your need

I use both on a regular basis (F3 & Alt-F3), but never took the time to realise the windowed version has more features.

mix console 2 configured to show just the faders and the EQ curve of the group and FX channels
by clicking in the EQ curve you can quick edit the EQ without selecting the channel first, just edit

the commands are also worth a deeper look… Q-Link, Link menu, status switches