Mixer Channel/Input Setup Issues

I’m having some issues/confusion with the mixer window and the inputs area of VST Connect Pro.

Typically my performer will connect with an audio interface that has two mono inputs (Steinberg’s UR12, for example). So the input options we have available would be:

  • Stereo
  • Input 1
  • Input 2

In the VST Connect mixer window, there are two performer channels to configure (ignoring the VST Instrument channel for now) - ‘MIC’ and ‘INSTR’.
In my case, I’m only ever using the ‘MIC’ channel as I’m only recording a single microphone from the performer.

See this screenshot of the mixer window:
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 10.40.39 pm

I’ll set the ‘MIC’ to Input 1 as shown above (which is the input the performer has their mic connected to on their audio interface), and on the audio track in the project that I’m recording to, I have two options under VST Connect: ‘Left’ and ‘Right’:


I’m assuming in this case, the ‘Left’ channel is the ‘MIC’ channel in the VST Connect mixer, and the ‘Right’ channel is ‘INSTR’ channel. Is this correct? Or do they directly related to Input 1 & Input 2 on the performers audio interface? Is there a way to change the names/configure these inputs like we can other inputs in the ‘Audio Connections’ window?

So we’ll record for a while, and the preview files (the non-HD ones that are recorded directly into the timeline) appear as mono, as can be seen in take ‘07’ below. However, when I download the HD files, they appear in the project as stereo files. The problem then is that only the left channel (which I assume is the ‘MIC’ channel in VST Connect) has audio on it, whereas the right channel has no audio (or in some cases, very small amounts for some reason?):

I’m assuming what’s happening is that VST Connect Performer is recording both inputs of the interface as a stereo file, and when the audio files get sent/transferred to the studio, it’s replacing the mono preview files which just contain the left channel (Input 1) as stereo files with both channels recorded, even if there was nothing to record from Input 2.

I went into more detail about the ‘Get HD Files’ issue in another thread.

This doesn’t really seem to make sense - how can we configure VST Connect so it’s just sending over the HD files for one input? Or each input separately?

Based on this behaviour, it seems that if I were recording a performer that had a mic & instrument together, even if I had set separate inputs on two audio tracks (the left and right channels respectively), when downloading the HD files, both inputs would be consolidated into one stereo file, with the mic in the left channel and the instrument in the right channel, and it would replace the separate mono audio files on BOTH audio tracks with this HD stereo file.

Am I missing something here? That doesn’t seem to be the correct way to go about things - but I can’t seem to figure out how to configure the mixer/inputs any other way, and the ‘Get HD Files’ always seems to download a stereo file of both inputs.

The workaround I’m using at the moment is to convert the HD files to mono using the pool window, but this is tedious and time consuming as I have to go through and figure out exactly which ones are in the project timeline and which ones I need to manually convert.

My current setup:

  • Cubase 11.0
  • VST Connect Pro
  • MacOS Catalina 10.15.7


  • Windows 10
  • VST Connect Performer