Mixer channel name of layers

For song and stacks the mixer channels are named as the song or stack. Why ist it for layers the instrument name and not the layer name?

The channel belongs to the Instrument, not to the Layer. A shared Instrument may be referenced by several Layers.

I understand the difficulty. On the other side, I had e.g. 4 layers all using Halion Sonic. So they all have the equal name and I had to change the name manually to the layers name not knowing, which is which. Maybe you can add the oportunity (e.g. right click and choose layer name as manually entry) to make things easier.

… we’ve added a Layer-Preference to the next version. You can now toggle between “Use Instrument Name” or “Use Layer-Name” for the label of the Mixer-Channel.

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Thank you. Thats even a better idea :slight_smile:

Today I recognized, that the preference setting only affects the name of the mixer in the project zone, but not the mixer in the lower zone. Could this setting also be used there?

… oh, sorry and thank you! Fixed, next update,

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Could the preference setting for names also be used in the order tab of the mixer?