Mixer channel names with 2 lines? How?

I see that in the instruction videos Cubase 9.5 pro from Steinberg they use 2 lines in the mixer channel name labels, but i canb’t find out how to get it onto 2 lines. How do I get that?
Like this:
Mixer chn-labels name.JPG

It should happen automatically as long as you have spaces in the names. That said, I read that a lot of people cannot do so in Cubase 9 (or just 9.5?) if they’re running Windows 10. I know it doesn’t work on mine.

Yes, sadly it appears to be something that is broken in Cubase 9.5 with Windows 10.

It works fine with 9.5 in Windows 7 and Cubase 9 on Windows 7 or 10…hopefully will be sorted in the next release.

Thank you for the answers anyway, guys! :slight_smile:
Have a nice Christmas eve!

Any news on this problem ? I have it too on Win10.

Any news on this problem? Me too on Win10 Cubase 9.5 Pro