mixer channel order gets out of sync

Nuendo 5.5
OSX 10.6.8

Nuendo’s mixer can get out of sync. The tracks in the mixer are in a different order then the tracks in the project. Not sure how I managed this yet, but will post repro when I figure it out. This issue is not new to 5.5, I’ve seen it for some time now.

See attached screen shot.

That happens to me sometimes when I create a new track. I find that if I move the new track somewhere and then back to where I want tit it stays in sync after that.


Well, lets get this BUG fixed!

This has been a bug since N5.

All the more reason to… Fix it!

There has been a BUG in N4 already, and it appears when working with devided track list.

See this post:

And confirm this:

  • be sure that there are some Audio Tracks in the upper, and in the lower Track List.
  • right-click an audio track in the middle of the upper track list, and add a new group channel track.
    The group channel is created at the bottom of the lower Track List, but the position in the mixer will be an absolutely different one!

This is an oldie :wink:

not the same thing, Group tracks and/or fx tracks always get created on the bottom. (Not a fan of this but got used to it)

This one is in regards to regular tracks, they get created and you move it in front of another in the project list but the mixer still shows it at the prior location, if you move it again the mixer refreshes.