Mixer channel project

Good evening everyone, since you have included the possibility of seeing the mixer channel in the project window, I wanted to ask if an update of the channel display is planned. Since, in my opinion, the display must be congruent to the mixer channel, reporting all the mixer information and not hiding information when the mixer channel is opened in the project. For example, if the channel is connected to another channel, the link must also be displayed in the project otherwise it creates a lot of confusion and inconsistency between the project window and the mixer window. Additionally, although this is more difficult, there is provision for channels assigned to a group to also see the relevant group’s channel. Sorry for my English. Thanking you in advance for your kind attention, I wish you good work and a good evening. Sorry for my English,

I have a hard time visualizing what this would look like since the Mixer Tab in the Project Window only have room for one channel. Could you perhaps create a mockup to showcase your idea?