Mixer channel selection deactivates arrange window

Hi All,

Can anyone advise how i can lock track selection in the arrangement window with mixer channel selection?


Battery loaded as a VSTi with two samples output via master and 3&4 stereo outs. These appear as “Bd” & “Sd” respectively on the mixer. On the arrangement window i have two midi tracks again named “Bd” & “Sd” respectively with both midi tracks are on the same midi channel. Now if i click on the “Bd” midi track and play the keyboard i can trigger the sample. As soon as i click on the corresponding mixer channel to try out some EQ and or effects, the midi track in the arrangement window is deactivated. So the only way i can EQ, add effects etc. is too record midi data and have that play back whilst i tweak around.

Is this correct?



If you have set the preference to do so, then it´s correct.
If you have disabled mixer / arrange sync then it´s not correct.

Hi TC,

I do have the ‘sync project and mixer selection’ pref checked. It all becomes clear :blush:

Thank you!


You´re welcome :wink: