mixer channels!

Hello! I’ve just had to put a new hard drive into my computor, so I had to reinstalled my Cubase Essential5 reactivate and all that/ my problem is I don’t get any chanels in the mixer so I can’t record! There must be something simple that I’m missing, Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks :confused:

hi howard , have you started with a blank canvus so to speak , no audio tracks on the work space ? if so just right click where you track listings are and add a track and it should appear on your mixer !

Thank’s for answering! When I go to to Projects and try to add a track it doesn’t let me/ the add a track is black and everything to the right is light grey! also I have no tool bar in the mixer to get to track listing button its almost like something didn’t get loaded when i reinstalled dvd! Do you have anymore idear’s! thank you! Howard :slight_smile:

uummm your right it sounds like it hasn’t loaded properly , i know its a pain in the arse but it might be worth trying it again and load the latest elicencer with it just to make sure your install in correct !

what os are you using ?

That sounds like you simply haven´t created a project…

What is the “tool bar in the mixer”…? There are tool bars in the project window and editors, but I have never heard of a toolbar in the mixer…

thats what i was thinking .

if the op thinks he has opening a project “ie” a new one and not allowing to install tracks then id reinstall to make sure its done correctly !

a screen shot would be helpful !

Install latest eLCC. Trash Prefs.

Thanks everybody for your idear’s/ first Sorry I mean’t I don’t have any tool bar at all! I know its above mixer in the project window! I guess I’ll take your advice and reinstall dvd and get a new elicenser code, I know I did that already but its worth another try! and my O.S is vista home! I don’t know how to show you a screen shot! Howard :slight_smile:

I tried reinstalling dvd everytime I try to activate says code already activated tried getting new one no luck/ I have cubase Essentials5 and in the elicenser there’s a cubase Le 5 register and a Essentials5 register I don’t know if that matter’s or not I tried removing the orginal one out of the elicenser like someone sugested but it doesn’t let me! they don’t have a reactivation for cubase Essential5 that i could find so the le5 must be the one to use! I’m spending way too much time on this! :frowning: Howard

  1. You don´t need to reactivate anything, and you don´t need to re-register anything once the license has been downloaded and the registration is done. The fact that Cubase opens confirms, that it´s not a license problem.
    If you use Cubase Essential 5 the Essential 5 license is the one to use, not an Le 5 license

  2. To make a useful screen shot use the "print screen button of your QWERTY Keyboard, then paste. That will show the whole screen. Your “screenshot” is not showing the most important thing - the windows menu bar

  3. It is quite obviously as I said already: You have not created a project. “File-> new project”. Without project no tracks - simple, and somehow logical, no matter how often you de- install and re-install eLC, Cubase or trash preferences.
    You should maybe start to RTFM. You will never be able to operate the software without learning at least the basics…

How do i use the essential5 activationcode in the elicenser if there’s two in there! doesn’t let me get read of the le5activation code! and I’m opening a new project! I’ve created hundreds of projects before my hard drive crash! so I’m somewhat familar with the software I’m not doing anything different! Its just isn’t working now! I have no tool bar that’s why its not in the picture! Does cubase have a Help number or something that someone knows of? :frowning:

Ok one more time: The Essential 5 activation code is used once to download the license, after that it´s of no use anymore.
2nd thing: Essential 5 and LE 5 are two different softwares - so wtf are you talking about: Essential 5 or LE 5… :unamused:

Does cubase have a Help number or something that someone knows of?

Well, look on the top opf the forum: Steinberg support contact details…