mixer color / GUI questions

Hi all,

there’s a couple of things I’d like to do / see in the UI of C9.5 that I can’t seem to find or just miss.

I regularly catch myself whishing the whole channel strip of the mixer could be colored according to the track header color, instead of just the fader color according to the track type. While some might find this too busy or playful or distracting, I’d love the option to do it, because when working on a large mixer with lots of smaller channels, with the color being limited to a small stripe at the bottom, I often find it hard to see what strip I’m actually working on when moving the cursor way up the screen.
Alternatively, just add or repeat the respective track color ( or the name) a few times with a small horizontal separator color bar across the strip?
In a similar issue, is there a way to make the active / highlighted channel just way more visible instead of just slightly lighter grey on darker grey? Iirc there was such a feature in older versions.

Any opinions? Thanks!