Mixer color

I just went to 7.0.5 and now every other track in my mixer console is bright red. I looked in preferrences for a way to change this. Is this the way steinberg wants it or is there a way to change it? I think it looks silly.

Mine is doing it too!It’s awful ! Whats going on ? It didn’t do it before. Thing is, I usually use 32 bit and thats still one colour, 64 bit is now red and dark grey stripes

it took me all of 2 seconds to find a thread with a similar problem


Congratulations gstring. Problem is that post you found was posted AFTER I made my post. :astonished:

the solution was but there are loads of threads on the subject with solutions :astonished: :wink:


Well, it couldn´t have gotten more convenient, than you looking it up for them…