Mixer/Cubase help

Hi guys,

I have an MG12XU mixer plugged via USB into the computer, and running cubase AI 7. The trouble is, the program seems to keep ‘losing’ the mixer (it is installed and set as default recorder), and the input device only shows up as the default realtek or what ever.

Secondly, in the brief moments I can record something, I cannot play it back through the monitor (in this case a TV linked via HDMI), but only from earphones plugged into the hard drive stack.

I can’t seem to find any solutions to these issues.

Any help would be much appreciated,


Ok, I have narrowed down the problem. I can either have the mixer activated and record or the playback activated and listen to it (through the TV or what ever). However, I can’t have both at the same time.

Also, I can’t here the play back through the mixer; for example, I can here the sound as it record (through the mixer head phones), but if I then play it back (it says the output is the mixer on cubase) I can’t here anything, thus being unable to listen to one track whilst recording over it.

Thanks for any help


You need to dis-able monitor on tracks for playback.

do you mean the sound icon on the track? Because that doesn’t change anything for me at the moment. Right now the problem is, I can record with the mixer, and here me playing live, but when I play it back to record a second track over it, I can’t here the first one play back on the mixer.

Jameson, I have an MG12XU that I use with Elements 7. I am able to playback tracks and record (overdub) new tracks at the same time . Reset the time cursor to the beginning of the already recorded track, select the red ‘ST’ button on 11/12 USB In channel…this will allow you to hear what was already recorded (make sure the yellow monitor button is off ). Set up the new channel for recording enable and start recording… you will hear the already recorded track and the new track at the same time. UNFORTUNATELY, this creates a “loop back condition” and if the volume levels are not just right , you get feedback like effects. Also, if you have a metronome clicking during this, it will be written into the recorded track… I have to say , this is a cumbersome Setup and if I had known about this , I would not have gone with an MG12XU with Cubase Elements 7 as my setup.

Thanks, I will give that a go and try elements 7.

I agree it is a surprisingly difficult thing to operate, I had this idea plugging a mixer into a PC would be alot more straightforward!