Mixer default Parameter Settings

Hi there,
we are using Nuendo as well as a standalone audiosystem as well as just an editing system. So often the editors use the mixer while editing or to experiments with certain plugins, routings, levels, eq settings and all the other functions of the mixer. But when it comes to the mixingstage the rerecording engineer wants certain parameters to control by himself. It would be usefull to have the possibility to reset the single parameters on a global function, like all the faders to a definite value, eqs off, send off, etc. At the moment it is only possible to reset ALL the parameters of the mixer.


I see the point in the workflow you describe.

Have you tried selecting the tracks you want to change parameters on and (on Windows) simply hold shift+alt then change value? That should work for values that toggle on/off. For changing something like faders to a specific value really what Nuendo needs is a grouping and VCA system that’s at least like the one Pro Tools had like a decade ago. That’d be two solutions to what you’re suggesting.

But I still agree that what you’re proposing could be easier.

Hi Lydiot,

thanks for your answer. I am always looking for a practical and easy way to solve things. If one is using Nuendo only as a playback device you want at least have the faders set to a definite value, all of them and maybe the auxes as well and maybe… I am often mixing on a large digital film console (DFC Gemini) and it is common use to set parameters to a defult value, globally.