Mixer destroying individual Halion preset volumes

I’ve got a Halion SE preset comprised of 3 programs, each with a different zone and volume setting.
When I go to the mixer and adjust the volume slider in the corresponding Midi channel, all of the individual programs in the preset have their volumes re-adjusted to equal levels.

Any way to have the midi channel adjust only the “overall” volume of the preset and NOT equalize each program within?

Eventually I’m going to be controlling the preset with a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller, and need these individual volumes to remain intact.
AJV :question:

I guess you want to do is the following:

  • you have 3 tracks set up in halion SE, each assigned on the same midi channel, but split over the keyboard on the midi tab, and with different volume settings on the internal mixer tab within halion SE.
  • you want to assign a foot controller to switch the volume on>off. Since the different levels of the sound are assigned to the same channels they get leveled once you use the controller and you loose your mixer settings…

If that is correct:

  • if you right click on each of the volume sliders in the mixer tab of halion SE you will find a function “forget cc”.
    Dot this for the controllers you do not want to be affected by the footcontroller.
  • on the top bar of halion SE you see a general volume slider. Right click on it and find the function “learn CC”.
    Assign that master volume slider to your controller.
  • Since your individual sliders have unlearned their CCs, they will not be affected when you use the controller.
  • best thing is to use only this soundset for a single halion instance since changing controller settings can be confusing if you are not used to it. Just start a new halion rack instrument and off you go.
  • also important: save your controller layout after you done the necessary things or at least save it as a vstpreset or next time your settings are lost.

hope this is what you meant in your question.

kind regards,

Thanks so much. Will give it a shot. May have actually found a work around.