Mixer dilemma

I expect there’s an easy answer to this one – but I can’t find it in the manual or online:

I have Cubase 9.5 Pro. In the Mixer, I can, of course, adjust the mix when Read is turned off.

In order to automate each track according to this chosen mix, I am currently doing this:

(1) After making the adjustments, I write down the volume level number at the bottom of each Mixer track

(2) I activate READ for all tracks (which of course returns all the sliders in the Mixer to whatever the previous settings may have been)

(3) I go back to the project, and open each track in turn; on each, using the pointer tool, in the volume line I adjust the volume on each track individually for the section I’m working on (using the volume number I wrote down in #1, above).

There must be an easier way – that is, to set the automation volume mix using the mixer – without having to switch Read off to choose the levels, then turn on Read, then go to each track in the project window, and recreate the mix I have chosen (using the settings numbers) for each track.

A simple answer? Thanks for any help!

Automate the mix with a 3rd party gain plugin and set the levels with the cubase mixer.