Mixer does not include VSTIs and Audio Export not possible for more than 37 VST Rackinstruments?

Hi there, how shall I do the AudioExport for Instruments #38 and #39? They do not appear on the list of VST instrument channels…


What do you mean, please?

Do you use Cubase Pro?

Hi, yes, it’s Cubase Pro , Version 12.0.40 Build 317.
Do you see the red marked positions? On the left side the audio.export-window shows the list with Intruments to export (If I want to export VSTI to audio-tracks); the list ends with an instance of VPS Metrum. If you look on the right side red marked the VSTI rack you can see that that #37 is the VPS Metrum, BUT there are 2 more VST’s in addition, #38 and #39 (VPS Avenger and an instance of EZDrummer), they do not appear inside the list on the left side so I can’t export these to VSTI to single audio-tracks (as I usually do (since >10years). I’m not sure if I’ve ever had that amount of VSTI’s in former projects, but here it seems I’ve reached a limit.

I’m not sure the list in the Export dialog follows the order of the VST rack. And since I can’t see the full list, I’m assuming that you looked through it to confirm these 2 instruments are not elsewhere?

Well, in the past the list was corresponding to the VST-rack-order. (That is the only way to have a chance to select the right Audio-Export-track if you have several instances of the same VSTI’s as I usually have cause they have the same names (Because the numbers of VSTI as shown on the VSTi rack are not shown inside the audio-export-list - that would be a real improvement!).
And yes, I did check if these 2 VSTIs #38 and #39 appear anywhere else than on the (expected) end of list, but without success. They are not in, I can’t select them.

Are these Rack Instruments or Track Instruments?
Perhaps reaching for straws here, but is there anything different about these last two instruments in terms of audio routing or other?

All these Instruments are Rack Instruments. No difference in routing as well, they all are routed to the Stereo Out.
And now I’ve detected, that these VSTI’s are also missing on the mixer!
See the new screenshot, where I’ve added a Predator-VSTI (Rack-Instrument) which also does not appear on the mixer and inside the audio export dialog. Mixer ends with channel #156, a VPS Metrum VSTI, the following 3 Rackinstrument- VSTI’s are missing.