Mixer EQ Glitch causing Crash

Hi guys

When using the mixer EQ, if you use the mouse to grab and drag any of the nodes around, after a while Cubase seems to glitch out and lock up. Not allowing to select ANYTHING, unless you then grab an EQ node and move it. All the windows then become unlocked, but sometimes it causes a Crash.

Win 10
AMD 1800x
32GB Ram


Do you mean audio glitches or GUI? Could you share the crash dump file (located in Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps folder), please?

It’s a GUI glitch which causes complete software lockup, can’t close screens or interact with any function, other than the EQ nodes (which become invisible). If you re-perform the glitch the software will correct but causes Cubase to shut down, without an error code. I’ll get a dump file over to you when I can, and do a video of it too.