Mixer (F3) doesn't open

Hello everyone.
I’m running Dorico 4.2 on Windows 11 64-bit, Intel Core i7 9700 CPU @ 3.00 GHz, 32 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.
Since a few days I can’t open the mixer (F3) in Dorico anymore, also not in Windows Safe Mode. Before the mixer was always appearing and working well.
I restarted Windows and reinstalled Dorico several times again but nothing helps.
Does anyone have an idea what might have gone wrong and how to solve this problem?
Thank you for possible solutions,
Henri Heuvelmans

Welcome to the forum, Henri. When you say that the Mixer does not open, do you mean that the window itself doesn’t appear, or that it appears but it is blank?

If you mean that the window doesn’t appear, check whether or not a button for the Mixer has appeared in the Windows taskbar; by default, all of the windows belonging to an application are grouped together, so it will probably be lurking behind the same button as the project window, and become visible when you click the taskbar button.

Thanks for your reply Daniel. No, the mixer window doesn’t appear at all (like it did before…) and clicking F3 there is only a blank mixer window in the taskbar, under the dorico button. But it’s blank and doesn’t show the mixer at all… What can be wrong…?
Thanks for your possible solutions, greetz, Henri

Your mixer window has somehow moved from the visible screen area, but you can bring it back. Click on the Dorico icon in the taskbar so that the preview appears. Move the mouse on the preview of the mixer window and do a right click and choose from the pop up menu “Move”. If you then use the cursor keys (left, right, up , down), you can move the mixer window back to the visible area.

Thank you very much Ulf! Indeed that was the problem, the mixer window moved to an invisible area. Your solution worked very well, so now everything is working fine.

Thanks again and Daniel too for your help!

Many greetz, Henri

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