Mixer fullscreen

Where is the Mixer fullscreen to display function? In N6 you had to right click in the upper richt toolbar, and then you could select on which display you wanted the mixer to be fullscreen. Is this still available in N7?

I have this problem too.

I can not activate full screen on the mixer window(s). I am running Mountain Lion.

Comparing to N6.5, the right click menu that used to allow this function looks like it simply is not drawing properly. We get a sub menu all on its own - which is illogical and implies that the rest of the menu list is not being produced by the UI for some reason. Looks like a bug.

Any body else?

[Edit: after discovering this, I will now park N7 and wait for an update. I feel this bodes not well at this iteration.

I don’t believe it’s a bug.

At least in C8.0.2 that Full Screen function is gone.
You can achieve almost the same thing by using (in my case windows) the Full Screen button on the task bar - or whatever it’s called.

It solves the issue of other windows disappearing behind the full screen mixer.


There is no equivalent full screen OS based function on Mac (Mountain Lion) that I can find. Or at least it’s not been implemented here. I really feel this is a bug - especially as the menu (in which the function used to reside) is displaying incorrectly.

There was no issue on Mac - now there is.

I use the maximize window button (green dot at the upper left corner - Mac OS 10.9.4) to make the mixer fullscreen. But I loved the “Full screen to monitor” functionality on N6.5 which makes use of the entire screen, losing the upper window bar. Steinberg: Please restore this function in future update of N7.

Can we make this an [ISSUE] then? Or a request? With no feedback from SB it’s impossible to know if this is a deliberate alteration or a bug (I suspect the latter).


ED I checked the manual and these feature is removed form the manual. So a feature request I guess.

Yeah, I recall having read about it in the Cubase section when it got changed. Pretty heated discussion if I remember correctly. You could maybe search there and you’ll see the reasoning behind it… or not… I can’t remember… Either way my recollection is that it won’t change.

Thanks Lydiot. I think you sadly may be right there.