Mixer Gain

I’m mixing v/o’s to music beds and the imported v/o WAVs vary in level a tiny bit and I sometimes just adjust the gain on Nuendo’s mixer, but for some reason today, I can change the gain on the music track (which I don’t want to do) but I can’t change it on the v/o track. I normally just type in a new gain setting. It allows me to type it in, but when I press Enter, it reverts to the previous setting. Is there something I’ve inadvertently changed?

It’s easy to work around, I’m just intrigued as to why it’s happening. This is a very repetitive job with the same music, same automation but different v/o’s so it’s just easier to do the gain tweak on the mixer.


Have you accidentally locked the events?

maybe accidentally written automation?

Have you suspended or bypassed certain automation types/lanes?