Mixer- Generic Remote -Bank Select? select chnl fader move?

Trying to set up a generic remote for mixer - have a controller with 8 faders.

Figured out the soft takeover ‘xlm file hack’ thing.

Can’t figure out…

Is there a way to control bank select via generic controller? Can’t figure out this one. Meaning that mixer would show channels 1-8 highlighted/ and controlled > then a button to switch to channels 9-16 etc… ?

If not, I could see a workaround as my controller is flexible, in mapping 128 tracks using my controller config… or midi channel switch… however this would be kind of useless unless I was able to select/ highlight the channel on moving of the controller fader as knowing which fader/ position I am at would be very difficult.

Either of these possible?

Hi drewspuppet,

First off, you no longer have to hack the xml for soft takeover, it’s been implemented in 7.5. It’s called Pick-up, and is one of the flags in the upper pane.

I believe bank highlighting (it’s a white line to the left of the track header) is not available for the generic remote. So to get some visual feedback you would:

  • create banks of 8 channels, as many as you need, in the GR – (lower pane Add button) and
  • use the bank commands at: Command>Remote>[bank commands] to go through them.
  • select the GR from the Devices menu to display a tiny window with the current bank name.

There is the possibility to select the first channel of the new bank, but since the GR addresses the channels by number you when you add/remove a track this function would break. Let me know if you’re interested in trying it, and I’ll figure out a way to explain it. :mrgreen:

Thank you very much for the reply.

As it turned out, I was able to get my CME Bitstream working perfect in Mackie mode.

I was having some issues, but sorted out changing the Mackie setting to Compatible in Cubase and some setup in the controller allowing for Mackie feedback for the soft takeover mode.