Mixer gets resized each time I shortcut to open the Project WIndow

I like to work on each Window separately in full size.

I set up a workspace to open the WProject indow in full size each time (because I couldn’t find a shortcut in the Key Commands).

If i’m working in the Mixer and hit the shortcut to open the Project Window, the Mixer window resizes to a 1/4 of its size in background. So when I hit F3 to go back to the mixer I need to resize the windoweach time. This is kind of a nightmare.

Aside question: the key editor does not have a shortcut to be closed? (I set up a Key Command to open it but there’s no shortcut to close it).

Thanks in advance for your help!

I figure it out:

  • When you create the workspace for the project wIndow, ensure that before you close the Mixer to switch to the Project window and create the Workspace, the mixer was at full screen, otherwise it will save the state where the mixer window was not completely resized.

  • The key editor is closed with the Enter key.

Side note of buggy behaviour: Sometimes using the Alt + 1 key to switch from Mixer to Project Window shows momentarily the project window as it should bu it goes back to the Mixer screen of a sudden. It seems this buggy behaviour depends on how long you hold the Crtl + 1 shortcut, so you need to hold and release fast the keys for the screen to stay on the Project Window and switch back again to the mixer view.