Mixer Global Inserts On/Off - How do you not hardswitch?

I realise the there is the global insert on off and thats great, except that I have my template loaded with a lot of plugs that get selectively used on a ‘when required’ basis ie context (this includes whole track bypasses)

Ive never needed it but I was doing some stuff and wanted to temporarily suspend all the fx that were on


the function hard switches BYPASSED tracks etc

What is the correct way to be able to do this ie global bypass all inserts but then return to the previous state without using snapshots or mixer undo (as I just want an inverse command)?

Also just doing channel bypass insert fx on the console seems glitchy as it doesnt dependably work

Apply bypass and last insert does not comply


Click the very same button, please.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak
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Not sure what you mean?
If I click the bypass inserts, shouldnt all of the plugs bypass as they do on the channels either side of that one?

Also, if I 1 by 1 bypass IFX (insert fx), the console thinks that I just click the blue/yellow bypass button and simply turns all of them back on according to the yellow blue indicator which is very frustrating…it should remember the absolute state in my understanding

another example
Suppose I turn off particular channels by using the bypass button

This is an intentional bypass that I want to be persistent however the global bypass ignores this and turns it all back on

Some of the post fader plugs are ignored


SuperVision plugin can’t be bypassed even manually. It doesn’t make sense to bypass it.

But even smart limit was doing it until I bypassed and unbypassed manually…all the fx on post fader were doing it
But functionally, it should maintain consistent behaviour though and bypass as well dont you think?


You are right. It’s just a switcher to switch all Inserts Bypass On or Off. It’s not Undo, it doesn’t remember the previous state.

You could do this via MIDI Remote, where you could track the Bypass state.

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