Mixer groups VST channels onto channel 1

I’m using 4 instances of Vienna Ensemble for playback in Dorico, and for some reason the mixer routes all channels for each instance to the first instrument of that instance. So for example, I have 8 brass instruments on channels 49-57, but during playback, only channel 49 shows output. Accordingly, the faders and solo/mute buttons on channels 50-57 have no effect–only the controls for channel 49 are working. Is there a way to adjust this manually, so the mixer routes audio for every instrument to the channel it originated from?

Note that I am not able to search the forum for similar posts, because the forum completely blocks common search terms like “mixer”, even when refining a more specific search. This does make the search 100% impossible.

It sounds to me as if you need to adjust the output settings in your Vienna Ensemble instances, so that each channel within VE is routed to a separate audio output. It sounds as if each channel in VE is routed to the first audio output. Dorico’s Mixer shows you the output levels for each channel of each VST instrument you have instantiated, but you cannot change those output settings in Dorico – outputs can only be changed in your VST instrument.

That works. It seems like I didn’t have to do that before, but maybe the default routing in VE changed. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply!