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I have a cc121 and I would like a mixercontroller for Dorico. I saw that on a cubase video. I’m writing almost everyday with Dorico and a hardware mixer would be great. Is there a mixer that could do the job? And can you allready use the cc121 with Dorico?

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It’s not a hardware mixer but a Control surface you mean, or a controller. That looks like a nice one, maybe I’ll pick it up now that I’m using Cubase. Otherwise I have the Behringer X Touch which are great - though I don’t use them much. Most work is in CC’s for which I have a FaderMaster. Anyhow I’d suggest maybe focusing on a CC controller rather than a transport/automation controller, as you’ll probably use it more. You want to control volume via CC’s and not track volume, which is a final mix thing at best.

Get a StudioLogic mixface. I love it.

I think a StudioLogic would be great and can you controll the mixer in Dorico with the faders of the StudioLogic mixface?

At the moment you cannot control Dorico’s Mixer using an external control surface, but this is something we plan to implement in future.

There is a way : I use console 1 and console 1 Fader - so I have control over basic mixer functions. Very useful for level, pan, solo, mute (console 2 fader), even console 1 functions like gate, eq, compressor, drive are features that work without problem because C1 uses the insert in the Dorico mixer…Selecting the tracks in Dorico with console 1. is not possible. For that You need to use the VST3 Version of the plugin, at least in Cubase it works that way.

I would not buy these controllers only for Dorico but if You already own it, use it…

There could be a great future for Dorico and Softube :wink: