Mixer hide and go seek

Sorry if this has already been reported (though I did look). There are a few variations on it:

Step 1: Open Dorico on first display screen
Step 2: Open Dorico mixer and drag to a second display screen.
Step 3: Touch a different app (a Browser lets say)
Outcome: Mixer disappears
Step 4: Click on Dorico
Outcome: Mixer re-appears but on the FIRST display, not the second one. It doesn’t matter which display Dorico is in; the mixer always re-appears on the first display.

This is really the same thing I think, but similar

Step 1: Open Dorico on first display
Step 2: Open Dorico mixer
Step 3: Click on the “e” button in the Play tab to open the VST for an instrument, or the "e’ to display an insert in the mixer
Outcome: Mixer disappears…

Same if I’m keeping a VST open for tweaking: The mixer disappears whenever I click on the VST window. I can see maybe if you’re trying to keep the screen clean or something, but the two screen example is the one I really miss: I often want to keep the mixer open on a second display.

I’m running Dorico 3.0.10, on a Mac Pro with Catalina.

It’s expected that the Mixer will disappear when Dorico isn’t in focus: this is how “tool windows” (as they are termed in macOS) behave in all applications. But I’m surprised you find that the Mixer spontaneously moves itself back to the primary display simply by Dorico losing and then regaining focus. I don’t have multiple displays here at home (woe is me) but I’ll try this out when I can in the office next week.

I’m not getting quite the same results. The mixer disappears as per Step 3, but it reappears back on the second screen.

The mixer does disappear when you click on a VST window.

Unlike Cubase, where the VST windows disappear when I click on another program, the VST windows remain visible in Dorico. However, Cubase brings the VST windows to the fore (‘have focus”) when I load them, with Dorico they’re loaded behind the main screen so I have to deselect then reselect them to bring them to the front. Given Daniel’s comment about Tool Windows, does this mean that Dorico’s VST windows aren’t Tool Windows, whereas Cubase’s are?

Back to the mixer - it would be good if, at some stage, users could select to view the mixer within a panel in Play Mode.

Daniel, why the heck are you working at home during the holidays? :slight_smile: Don’t read the rest of this until next week…

David: Thank you very much, that was a clue that I needed. what I’ve discovered is that there is a right click option (when Dorico is on the Dock) to select which Desktop Dorico should be assigned to. It has to be set to “All Desktops”. if Desktop 1 is selected, you can still drag things to Desktop 2 but then you get the behavior I mentioned above.

That VST behavior is an example of where different window behavior gets confusing - and its most often the thing I’m clicking on when I’d like to switch back to the mixer quickly. Looking closely I can see that the tool bar is a smidge narrower on the mixer versus VST, but otherwise the difference isn’t obvious to me. Though I probably need to clean my glasses. :slight_smile:

I like David’s idea. Maybe at some point the mixer could be the bottom closable panel in the PLAY tab?