Mixer History columns less useful than they might be

In the Mixer History panel I have a long list of EQ changes - but I can’t tell which channel they were on! On fader moves, say, you do see the name of the track but on EQ and plugin moves you don’t. This is a very unhelpful omission.

Neither is there the width to display all the available data, such as it is. The graphic is as wide as I can make the panel and it’s just a hodge-podge, not helped by there being two Action columns! Why not make one of them Channel or was that the original idea and this is just a careless implementation?

Judging by what’s popping up in the side panel as I type, this has been a request since v.11.


I agree with everything Crotchety wrote above. I would much prefer to see the Mix Console History implemented as its own window just as the Edit History is.

I’m not sure if it is broken in Cubase 13, but in 12 you’re able to resize the columns and scroll horizontally.

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You can resize, and scroll with Shift or Ctrl-wheel. This latter was news to me and so I have now discovered I have all three columns duplicated! :man_shrugging:

I agree with what @mlib says about a separate window but I’m just wondering why Mixer and Project histories need to be separate at all… :thinking:

[Edit] Probably better as separate tabs on the existing window.

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