Mixer History Doesnt Save With The Project? SOLVED

If this is true someone explain to me the logic behind this?

Mixer history is basically a SCENE save if you will. Why oh why doe it NOT save this with the Project???

Here ya go:
Mix a song one day and then two days later come back to it to fix something and you are hosed, history is not save, I dont get this at all. Someone explain it to me

You could report this as a feature request or issue in the appropriate forums.

I believe I saw a Steinberg youtube that confirms your observations.

That is consistent with Cubase earlier versions where the project history was trashed once the project was saved.

It would be great if it were saved as you suggest. Feature request?

I figured this would be the case. It didn’t resemble a mixer snapshot to me because of the undo history. Snapshots are current states. Incremental saves are your friend.

Still though it is handy to have undo. I think 9.5 will have snaps. Would make sense.

More talk about it here:


I think this is actually ideal. To me, it doesn’t make a ton of sense for it to keep everything you’ve done for the entire life of the project, as it would grow enormous and unwieldy, and probably take up a gang of memory after a while. So basically you have two options:

  1. it could be as it is now. Where you have unlimited undo steps, but only as long as the project remains open; or

  2. Your undo history survives closing/reopening of the project, but the number of undo steps are limited, and probably definable.

Myself, I’ll option 1 any day of the week, but that’s just me. It seems more reasonable to me to assume that you might have made an error 50 steps ago and want to revert, than to assume you want to revert to something you did before you saved and closed the project.

On a slightly tangential note, I like the way this is implemented. It’s pretty intelligent. For instance, if you adjust a plugin parameter a new step will appear in the mixer history… but if you adjust the same parameter back to where it was before touching anything else, instead of adding a new step it just erases the last added step. Good way to avoid clutter and keep things streamlined.

Yeah, it works just like the undue/redo history already in Cubase, and Photoshop, and MS Word, and Chrome, and well most of the other software out there that uses a history. Why would you expect something different?

I’m not saying the ability to save scenes wouldn’t be cool (it would be very cool). But scenes are a different thing than history. Lots of folks asked for an independent history for the Mixconsole & SB gave us one. This is a bit like complaining that your car doesn’t behave like a tank or helicopter. :wink:

Make a feature request for a Mixconsole scene capability and I’ll give it a +10. But really you shouldn’t expect that a history feature behave differently than it does on thousands of other software packages out there.

This makes sense to me know, I get what your saying. Just save a version here and there would cover it

You can can do this allready, simply select all mixer channels and save them as a track preset.

Such feature (when/if implemented) should be optional (probably per-project) to prevent project file from getting too big for those who don’t need to save mixer history.