Mixer history?

Oh! now I need mixer history - where is it? I can see the undo buttons top left of mixer - but where is the history? Not in the main edit menu… tried a search - nothing comes up in manual… helP anyone!



Right click on the dark bar above the mixconsole and choose MixConsole History.

Edit… I misread your post. Sorry I don’t how to see the mixer history and I doubt there a place to see it.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you - saw that for the arrows - but there’ s no list as there is in main event window?

Not in front of the computer, but it should be in the left zone in the mixer in the history tab.

Ah yes - I now the see the tab with the word history on it! thanks for your patience.


I have a similar problem except that my History tab IS actually missing!
I only have the Inspector and Visibility tabs, though I do have undo buttons … see photo.
Am I doing something stupid? …maybe it’s a corrupt install but I have a second identical system/install and have the same problem on there.
Any suggestions?

Unless I’ve missed something, you can only see the history in the MixConsole window, not the Project window.

Yes, I can confirm this.

Thanks J-S-Q and Martin …yes my mistake.
Much obliged!


But there is of course dedicated Edit > History window. :wink:

Yes, very familiar with that one thanks!

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