Mixer - How to delete channels in visibility panel??

Hi All,

Please can someone tell me how to delete unwanted channels in the visibility part of the Mixer window please?

I do not want to ‘hide’ them but permanently delete them. I have deleted the channels from the main project window but they still appear in the visibility pane??

Any help much appreciated.




When I delete (Remove, Shift-Del) a track from the project window it gets removed from the hide/show list in the mixer…

But I notice that when I rename a track in the project window the name doesn’t change until I move my cursor to another track in the mixer window. There must be a graphical update or callback problem there.

Perhaps you could post a procedure to demonstrate the problem and provide some screenshots to show what happens on your system. Then people can confirm if it happens for them, and we can work towards a bug report.


I also noticed that if I rename a track, I have to click anywhere on the mixer page to have it change the name in the mixer track, but I’m ok with that.

But I guess that doesn’t help much here, does it?