Mixer in 12 Pro

I want to add the Waves VU meter to the mixer for each track and my Master output. I am trying to emulate an analog mixer with a VU meter on each channel. Is that possible?


Of course, you can add any plug-in to any channel. But the plug-ins’ GUI will not be visible in the MixConsole GUI.

Thanks, I want to know if I can make it so the GUI of the VU meter shows in the mixer GUI.

Why. Cubase has supervision.

I really just want a VU meter option in the meter bridge.

All VST plugins use their own GUI and their own window. You can’t replace any elements of the Cubase mixer with a 3rd party plugin.

I know, I was hoping for a way to use VU meters in the meter bridge. It is a preference from years of analog recording. It seems as if it would not be difficult for Steinberg to add that option to metering. Thanks for your response.

It is a matter of taste. Supervision is great–just not my preference.

It would be actually great if we could add VU meter instead of standard one.

The option would be great.