Mixer in Cubase 8

Can I use ‘Always on top’ function for Mixer in Cubase 8 ?

Plz tell me. How can I do ?


No you cannot. It has been requested, as well as being able to dock the mixer below the rest of the main GUI.

No you can’t and you shouldn’t want to!
Use ALT+TAB keys (or since we’re stuck with Aero in the pc world you can WinKey+TAB) for a quick switch between arranger/project window and mixer window.

They seriously messed up with that no-always on top for the mixers

No way! On a Hi res monitor I can have the full arrangement with the mixer floating over the top. No need to go near the keyboard. AOT for the mixer is crucial to me for any DAW. How annoying to have to constantly tap at the keyboard to make the mixer visible.

I want it back too.

Removing the option is not really helpful to anyone.

yeah a step backwards…and i can’t see why they would forbid people to choose to use it or not…thats “dumb” (no disrespect, just the truth)

Haha … I was wondering what would go bust this time !

This one seems as ‘good’ as "no more transparent events, etc. etc.
Was just on the way to the shop …
stop !


Show some love for this request so we can get the mixer “AOT” option back ASAP.


Regards :sunglasses:

What is gained by removing the option; does it now cause a problem?
a simple user choice off/ on- many need or prefer it.
Wasn’t that the whole point in the first place?

what this option is removed?

I always workjed with F3 to toggle mixer on top and off… this was perfect for quick adjustments…

oh my god please - not everyone is a rockstar band leader guy… oh my… dont destroy the workflow steinberg PLEASE!!

I’m asking why remove “Always on top” option?!
I was searching Google to discover how do that in my new brand 8.5, but what I found is this post, with a lot of people asking the same thing…
Please Steinberg, return on this option :frowning:
I use 2 monitors, and still important this option using F3 and be on top… because one of monitors are used to monitoring frequencies, metering, etc. I know more people that work on this way, but not everyone has the patience to write forum steinberg.net and have the same HOPE.