Mixer in Dorico and Halion SE

Using the Halion SE and he mixer : seems that the mixer in Dorico is not controlling the effects , panning , etc in Halion SE ?
Of course it is a cheap library HSO and Halion soundmodule and the soundquality limited.
Also when i make adjustments in the Halion SE mix for panning : dorico is not storing these mixer setting for effects, panning , volume ?

Challence is now how to get a decent instrument sound out of HAlion SE and reloading the score with the same configuration.

Works fine Dorico SE with the effects in the the mix page : it is stored as aspected. ( but not for panning i see now)
Effects in de mixer of Dorico are effects outside Halion Se to install as VST software

That’s correct, the effects you can control in Dorico’s Mixer are separate VST effects.