Mixer in lower zone

Is there a way to get the same features in lower zone as stand alone mixer?
Zones, routing etc…


What exactly are you searching for?

No, you cannot show the same MixConsole as it is in the own window. There is no room for it.

visibility configuration and mixer zones are available in the lower zone

Thanks for your reply. I’m looking for the ability to divide tracks into zones. Right - left. Ability to turn off track visibility and the like. I understand there are no possibilities like in the stand-alone version, but the possibilities in the “lower zone” are very limited.

Nico5, can you be more specific, please?

This is all related to the stand alone mixer. Lower zone mixer has no ability to move channels to the right or left zones.
At least I don’t se the way of doing it. This is the main issue for me.


The manual entries I linked to are specifically about the lower zone mixer.

Did you follow the step by step instructions? e.g.

You can determine and lock the position of MixConsole channels in the lower zone of the Project window.


  1. At the top of the left zone, click the Visibility tab.
  2. At the bottom of the left zone, click the Zones tab.

Nico5, there is no left zone in the lower zone. That’s the problem


have you tried enabling it, by clicking on the “show/hide left zone” icon?

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This is the “left zone” for the main window not the lower mixer.

… not sure what you’re trying to say. Did you find it? Does it work?

It is an absolute mistery to me, why the features of the mixer are not the same in both situations. Of course the screen estate in the lower zone is limited and it will not be possible to show as much as in a full window, but this also applies to a reduced extra-mixer window. The decision for a separate implementation is a waste of developer ressources (the lower zone mixer could have been considered just a “reduced size docked full mixer”. Bad architecture/design choice.

Generally my most important additional feature for mixers would be to allow to fully hide the fader section in all mixers. This is reasonable when using external hardware with faders.

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Yeah that would be nice, I can never understand the meter bridge at the top when you’ve got meters down below that you can’t hide - It’s too much having it doubled up the screen.

Meter bridge would be much more use to me if you could drop out the faders/meters at the bottom, and like you say use an external controller.

What you referring to is the area of the Project window, that has left, right and lower zone. When you open the mixer in the lower zone of the project window, you don’t have a left zone for the mixer itself. And that is what all about. The Mixer in the lower zone of the project window is very poorly equipped and does not have most of the capabilities of a stand-alone mixer. This, of course, is understandable in many aspects, but at least it should have zoning, i.e. the ability to move - group tracks on the left, the right or middle part of it.

I think I know what you’re talking about now. Let me try - I think you’re 100% right, and I overlooked the fact that the left zone of the project window allows you to set the channel in the right place.

You were right! It works. Thanks