Mixer in Separate Window Driving Me Crazy

When I have the mixer open in my lower panel, I go to the visibility tab and set my groups to the right. Here is what the percussion looks like.
Next here is what my mixer console looks like in the lower panel. You can see that percussion groups are moved to the right.

Now when I use the arrow to open in a separate window. None of the lower panel visibility choices appear in the separate window. Some group channels on right, other’s still remain on left. Makes the separate window unusable in terms of navigation for me.

Here are screen shots from separate window. Some percussion and other groups did not move to the right.
Uploading: Mixer Left in Separate Window.JPG…

Any idea why it is doing this? I’m using cubase 11 pro


This is not Visibility tab, this is the Zones tab. At the bottom of the Left Zone (Inspector), you can see Track (Visibility) or Zones. So by doing this, you set these Groups to the Right Zone.

By doing this, you just open the MixConsole 1. THe bottom MixConsole is not in sync (Zone-wise) with any of the MixConsole window. You would need to set it up in the MixConsole window.