Mixer issue - not scrolling

hey, so i finally jumped up to 10 Pro from 6 and am finding myself a little clumsy with a few things. most pressing is that in one project, my mixer will not scroll horizontally. i can see all of the channels if i stretch the window across both of my screens but i prefer to keep my mixer on just the one and scroll back and forth as needed. i’m sure i just clicked a dumb setting somewhere, but i cannot seem to find it. tinkering with visibility on the channels has no impact on this. any assistance would be appreciated.


Most probably you have too many channels in the Left and Right Zones, so the middle zone (which is the only one scrollable) is hidden behind. Remove some channels from the Left or Right Zones, please.

ah. thanks. didn’t realize there was a limitation.

MY GOODNESS - it’s 2021 and I have been searching for the answer to this - THANK YOU!
BUT it’s bloody stupid to not be able to scroll the entire mixer. I can’t believe it is this causing me issues. Every time this happens I think “Really?” “REALLY?”.
Sometimes Reaper does look tempting.
But thank you all the same.