Mixer issue when changing soundcard buffer

When I raise the soundcard buffer with the project open, the mixer shows all faders down until I close and open the mixer. It is only a graphical error, but caused me a few grey hairs when I first saw it. Does this happen for anyone else?



Do I have to re-title this as BUG in order to get get some acknowledgment?


It does not happen here. For acknowledgement’s sake.


Thanks for the reply. It is repeatable every time here, so I need to investigate further to see if I can isolate the cause.


It is pretty weird-- FWIW, I do a lot of buffer switching over here. I work at a reasonable buffer, and max it out for offline exporting to speed up the UAD stuff. Have never seen this issue. Though for years I had little graphic anomalies of my own that nobody else seemed to get.

Good luck!


Happens to me too exactly as you describe using Cubase 7.05.

Steinberg MR816 interface.

Freaked me out the first time, thought I’d lost my mix, but as you say , hit F3 and it’sback as normal.