Mixer labels missing?

I notice on my system (with massive two 49" screens) , even in extended view, my mixer does not show most button labels, whilst Utube of C8.5 mixers videos do.

Specifically red and write, mute and solo and the channel settings button are simply grey. This is not terrible, as I can see the pop ups.

I also can find no way of seeing the whole track name in the mixer whilst hovering over a track. Is this possible?

But I wonder why? Do others have this? Am I missing a setting?


Try to Zoom In horizontally and Vertically in your MixConsole. Key Commands G/H and Shift + G/H.

If Channel Strip buttons are grey, it means, the Channel Strip Module is not in use.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to show the whole track name, in the MixConsole, once you hover over the name, anymore. Since Cubase 8 (if I’m right), there is a “list of paper” icon displayed instead of the whole rolling name in this case. This icon should hint you, you can copy the track settings to another track. But the “show whole name” feature is unfortunately missing, now.

Thank you Martin,

I tried the shortcuts, they made the mixer wobble a bit horizontally but no more.

The labels are still missing, these are active functional tracks, If I click on the Read or write button they go red/green as required, but no initial label before clicking these are mssing. The tracks are in large view.
As for track names, we do have the visibility and zone inspectors, but we could have had a tooltip!


I’d say It’s not normal…but then most of us aren’t running twin 49" monitors to test

If you temporarily disable one monitor does it work on single monitor?
What monitor resolution are you running, did you try different resolutions?

So you’re also saying the zoom shortcuts aren’t zooming the mixer channels at all?

I disabled the pictures in the Mixer, some labels came back but not all, the resolution is 1920 x 1080 which generally causes no issues. My set up in windows is a little customised, to suit these monitors and my eyes. It works great, but font settings in windows are large.
I confess, I am not used to the new mixer (last one I learnt was C5). I am just bedding in with it. I am watching the steinberg quick tip videos now…

Currently my tracks are too fat, but that’s my fault I think as I changed something, the issue was there before I did this.

After hiding the picture row, I am able to see the bottom but not the top labels.

I shall do some more learning.

Ok, after experimentation it seems to be Zoom related. the narrower track sizes show the labels but the wider do not. Peculiar.

I leave it at that

thank you all

Could you send a screenshots, please?

It’s hard to go back to where I was Martin in my current view they are back. I did notice that in the Steinberg Quicktips videos on the mixer, the names sometimes disappeared. Personally, I think the size of the buttons, relative to the font size determines, somehow, if it has enough space to show the “R” or the “W”, or the “M” etc. I think it is working, but not for all settings in all worlds.


Sorry that silly question,
did you already close and open again the mixer?
I also have this problems sometimes, it´s a kind of “redrawing”
so when I hit F6 two times, the mixer closes and opens then correct

Greets, Vacsy

Isn’t it “fixed” by automatic recalculating Channel width in the MixConsole?

Btw, default MixConsole KeyCommand is F3, not F6.

I am really not sure of my feet yet in this new mixer, so really can’t make any judgements. I am just starting to sieze real control.


I am doomed!

Tabula Rasa for groups then.