Mixer lanes width resets after mixer is closed

When I set my width in the mixer window, it’s great…but then once I close it and reopen the mixer, the width is back to wide lanes as like a default. How can I get my mixer lanes’ width to not reset when I open and close the mixer window?

Aloha y,

If you do a board search you will find that this prob has been reported by several users.

The prob does not seem to happen to everyone but it does happen enough to make this a real issue.

I don’t believe there has been a permanent ‘fix’ yet but if you do a search you may find some
tips/work-a-rounds/approaches etc.

Perhaps the next Cubase up-date will fix the prob.

Good Luck!

Yeah I definitely did a search, not only on here but on the entire web. I only saw one member that had the same problem (based on my search terms) since everybody uses different terminology for the same issues. I wasn’t sure if it was just that member who I saw in the search results or whether it was for everybody.
So you are saying that not everybody has this problem? How is that possible? You’d think that it would do it for everybody or nobody.

I had the problem in earlier versions, but not in 7.5.20

This is a problem that excists when using the Mix Console in either Maximized (Windows way) or in the new Full Screen mode (which were a big sales argument BTW), and has been this way for over 17 months (since C7 release).

Not fixing this for 19 months, is close to horrendeus. I guess this will haunt Cubase 7/7.5 for ever.

Ahhh I never use any window in Maximized or full screen mode, been using Cubase for too long to do that :slight_smile:

Me too :laughing:

Actually - full screen mode is the only thing that fixes this for me… :confused:

yep, I have that too, it’s damn annoying if you have a larg project to always have to spam G again :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know there was “full screen” I thought there was only maximized. I guess I’ll have to try that, such a sad thing because the efforts done on the mixer flexibility is really good.

Hi all,

Same issue for me with 7.5.20, i Will try in maximised mode.

about time they fixed this truly or at least give an update.

vespesian is right. Seems like it is fixed in the new Cubase Full Screen Mode. Will try some more.

Yes, this needs to be fixed.
But rumours have said that it needs a re-write of the mixer for being able to do so (or maybe this is an “excuse” for “having to change the mixer” again - I don’t know).

Going to full screen mode, moving the zoom and backing to maximixed window seems to fix the issue for that session. Works here.

Nop, not fixed…

This issue is only introduced to me with the clean install of win 10 and C8.5.1 on the new x99 system. On the old win7 machine (which is now a slave) don’t have that problem, same version of cubase but win7 64bit.

This is annoying…