Mixer layout - help

I was just wondering if this is possible, and just something I don’t know how to do. But in the mixer window I’d like to be able to have, for instance, a couple send slots, a couple Insert slots, and maybe even the EQ (but I can live without that) all visible for each channel. Is that customizable?

To re-explain, like in the mixer channel from the top it would be two send slots, below that, four inserts, and then the standard volume slider.

not possible ! :confused:

Hello dpolcino,

Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment. But that is on our top-priority list. :slight_smile:


did you tried the VST channel settings of Cubase ? It can be very handy, because you can customise this one, save presets and you can step through it with your keyboard arrow keys for example.


That’s a good idea for now. Thanks