Mixer levels in Flows

Sorry if this information is readily available - but I cannot seem to find exactly what I want (perhaps, I am using the wrong search terms).
I have a huge multi-flow work for orchestra, choir and soloist. I have set the mixer levels of the Tenors to a satisfactory level for the majority of the work.
However, these are fine in the movements where the tenors are the lead, but much too loud in other flows. I have used notational dynamics to adjust their level in the score (this is not ideal - they are, say, mp, when the other voices are mf - as it looks unnatural and unbalanced but makes playback right), and don’t know if there is an easy dynamic level Flow-specific ‘something’ I could have used instead.
All you more experienced Dorico users out there are probably laughing at me now - it is probably only a couple of mouse clicks! I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

Windows 10
Dorico Pro 5.1
NotePerformer 4

It would be correct notation, if you want the Tenors to be louder than the rest, to mark them with a different dynamic.

In the key editor, in the dynamics lane you can drag the dynamics to the desired level. I can imagine that is a lot (to much) of work when it happens often.

No we don’t!

Mixer settings are global for the entire project. For more localised adjustments, dynamic notations or points in the Dynamics editor are probably the way to go (as posters here have already said).

Thank you all for your help

You can use “hidden” dynamics, if you want the written dynamics to be ‘correct’.

…Of course, it’s entirely natural for the tenors to be too loud.

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All 3 of them :wink: