Mixer meters are inaccurate when using 64-bit precision processing

With 64-bit precision processing, the mixer meters are extremely inaccurate. This occurs both on the MixConsole window as well as the MixConsole in the lower zone. All meters have this problem - recording inputs, tracks, and stereo out.

I can have a single sound, play it 4 times, and each time it is played the meters will show a different peak and behave differently. I can layer two sounds that should clip, and sometimes it will show up as clipping, sometimes it wont. I have tried with multiple different recorded sounds and the meters are always inaccurate.

Here is my test to better explain:

I recorded a single kick drum sound from my drum machine (24-bit, 48kHz, .wav, mono), placed it in the project and saved the project. The track is dry… no inserts, no channel strip changes, etc. being used. For this test, I loaded the exact same project for both and I restarted Cubase after switching processing precision, as it tells you to do so.

With 32-bit precision processing (which works fine), the kick drum peaks at -3.4dB on the meters (both track and stereo out) every time it is played, and I can clearly see the meters reaching that point.

With 64-bit precision, each time I play the kick I am getting different readings on the meters. The kick sounds fine, that is the level is not actually changing, the meters are only showing the incorrect values. Both the bar and the peak number on the meter are inaccurate. Here is what I get:

Play the kick, the meters (both for the individual track and the stereo out) show it peaking at -13.3dB (incorrect).
Play it a second time, the meters show it peaking at -3.4dB (correct).
Play it a third time, the meters show it peaking at -6.0dB (incorrect).
Play it a forth time, the meters show it peaking at -7.5dB (incorrect).

I could go on and keep getting different numbers. I would say the meter is accurate, at best, 1/5 of the time, but probably not even that.

My system performance meters on Cubase are very low, so I do not think that my computer is too slow to handle the 64-bit processing.

I am on a clean install of Cubase Pro 9.5.21 (just installed it two days ago and updated directly in the installer).

System specs:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7-3770K
Intel 520 Series SSD
Steinberg UR22mkII (latest firmware and drivers)

Let me know if you need anymore information or have any solutions. Thanks!

This issue is still present after updating to 9.5.30.