mixer meters on second screen slow MAC 5.1

I recently changed my old MAC 3.1 for a 4.1 flashed to 5.1 (2.93 /6 core/32 GB/ SSD’s/Mojave)
There is an amd radeon hd 7950/3gb mac edition video card in it.

I connected my 2 Apple cinema displays, wich have 1680x1050 resolution: 1x trough DVI and 1x trough minidisplay port.
That works, exept that the meters in my mixer in Cubase (10.5.20) (on the 2nd screen) are half a second too late!

From my Cinema Display(s) only DVI comes out and have one connected with an adapter DVI to mini DP…
Do I need different adapters? and how could I connect them, so the latency in the meters dissapears?

p.s. on my old Mac 3.1 with 512 MB original videocard everything worked like it should with the same connections…

P.s.2: It seems that the master meter work like it should (next to the channel meters) also my T-racks mastering-meter works normal!

Any help would be much appreciated!
Been trying to figure this out for some days now wit no result ;-(


Are you running your cubase in 32 or 64 processing mode? I got a better graphical performance with 32. (It is a ASIO-setting)

Thanks for replying,
I run Cubase in 64 since some years; killed a lot of 32 darlings, but don’t miss them that much, since I have a lot of new 64 bit VST’s and Vsti’s
I rather would like to find a solution for the slow meters… :wink: