Mixer MIDI channels not showing up


I have two projects configured to be played by a software PlugIn ‘Roland SOUND Canvas VA’ (SCVA)
In Play Mode I open the Mixer to tweak the individual Midi channels/instruments

Project one: tab MIDI shows all my channels so I can tweak the panning

Project two: tab MIDI only no channels at all. Why is that? I can’t access the individual singers/tracks…

There must be some difference in how you’ve got the VST set up between the two projects. You could try removing and re-adding the VST instrument to see if that kicks things into life.

Thank you Daniel,
I will try this, once I am back at the computer.
I think the first project I had started with Halion and then later switched to SOUND Canvas, whilst I started the second one right away using the vst2 plugin.

Daniel I tried your suggestion: deleting the VST Instrument and re-inputting it.
This did not help.
But I discovered a workaround:
I deleted the SOUND Canvas VST instrument, applied Playback Template… HSSE+HSO Pro
Now all channels were available, twice: as MIDI and as VST Instruments:

Then in the right panel added SOUND Canvas back into VST Instruments and to the left reassigned all instruments to it:

3rd step: I deleted Halion SE from VST instruments in the right panel.
I kept all MIDI channels:

My question would be: what in this context is MIDI, what are VST Instruments?

Paul may need to weigh in to provide a better answer than me, but the MIDI faders are intended to allow you to control MIDI controller 7 (volume) and controller 10 (pan) for a MIDI instrument loaded into the MIDI instruments section of the right-hand panel in Play mode.

Daniel, in the right hand side panel I only ever use the ‘VST Instruments’ section.
Still the Halion SE VST Instrument offers me MIDI channels and VST controls over each instrument, where as SOUND Canvas VA VST Instrument only offers MIDI channel control in the Mixer. There is just one instance of the SOUND Canvas Instrument SCVA showing up, matching the Soprano 1 (Cantus 1 / C1) - see the bottom picture of my last message.

The VST tracks in the mixer are the audio channels that are the outputs of the plugin. If you can configure the sound canvas with 16 separate outputs then you should be able to control them with the mixer.