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Okay, I’m baffled here. Using Dorico pro 5 MOS version. I cant for the life of me figure out how Dorico arranges the channels in the mixers. It seems to have no relation with the order of the layouts. Also can’t find any OBVIOUS button or menu option, strangely named item that will allow the user to move channels to the left or to the right. logic tells me it should follow layout order as the score does. Dorico is an amazing app that has been developed by super geniuses for super geniuses. Quite often, it doesnt relate to real world applications or accepted conventions

thanks for any help in advance

oh, one other head scratcher is how the program came up with the colors that highlight the channel names. are these editable


Can you show us what you see? What do you have, and what do you expect?

This bit of the mixer controls panning. C is for Centre.

Don’t think he’s on about panning; I think he means a (physical) channel’s order as they appear in the mixer, being moved left/right as desired… which I don’t believe is possible… they can’t arbitrarily be dragged around.

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There are quirks on how Dorico keeps track of instruments. As you add more instruments, they are are placed in the next available slot in the VST and that order is reflected in the mixer.

You can reorder by reapplying a Playback Template, which will apply a default order. Or you can manually reorder the patches loaded in the VST and then change the channels to match in the Track Inspector.

It is not a drag 'n drop exercise, but then again Dorico is not a DAW!


thank you sorting out what I meant. Seems to me that there should be a way to move the channels to a custom "layout"as you would on a physical mixer. (I did see your workaround in your post. thanks again for that

re:MOS, whoops showing my age, mac operating system which I guess isn’t used


I think some of Dorico’s quirks in this area arise from the separation of the sound engine from the main program, but I’m no expert.

thanks for your input. that could definitely be an issue. I made an assumption that all roads lead to the notation side.

If you’ve added/removed instruments since you last edited playback settings, you might want to re-apply the playback template. This should prompt the order of channels in the Mixer to be reset and pick up the latest configuration of instruments in the project.

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Hi, thanks for your info. My issue is more about making the expectation that the layout order would be reflected in the mixer channel order without adding or deleting instruments. I understand now that the mixer and channels are controlled by the vst system

Perhaps it’s worth clarifying terminology: the player order is what should be determining the mixer channel order. Layouts generally match the player order, but because you can have all sorts of extra layouts with various combinations of players, layouts are not what determine the order of channels in the mixer.

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Hi Lillie, thanks again for your help in at least explaining the functionality. While I’m guessing that Dorico doesnt have the capability to do what I wanted it to do, at least I understand the functionality better than I did before. Are there videos that would explain, in detail, how channels are managed in the mixer/play mode. also, can you send any info on the playback template and it’s usage

thanks, Tom

Hi again, actually, your suggestion to reapply playback template did the trick in getting mixer to reflect changes in players and their positions. you are one of the super geniuses that I referred to above. :pray::pray:

How about these?

(This one uses Dorico’s older interface, but the fundamental principles are the same)

If you’ve got longer, try looking up the available Discover Dorico sessions, which generally run to about 1 hour long. There are a few on playback-related topics, including playback templates and expression maps.