Mixer navigation works properly now!

Just noticed the other day that the navigation in the mix console
works like it should now. (Nuendo 6.5)
Doesn’t jump sideways anymore when navigating from the Rack to the Faders.
(Tab) and (Shift Tab) Bliss.

Thanks for that. Now that it works proper, Ill have to re-investigate that whole

So you’ll be my Charlie tester then :mrgreen:

I don’t know what that means but yea,
I decided to give 6.5 a chance to keep its place as the main daw in my arsenal of software.
So far Nuendo is winning the battle.

Sorry, I tried to comment with a smile. You know, Alpha, Beta, Charlie… :laughing:

I am curious on how anyone who “likes” the new mixer works.
I haven’t figured it out (how to work more efficient than in N5.5 and C6.5), ever since the release of Cubase 7. I “want to” like it, but just don’t (yet anyway).

So I’m basically interested in every little tweek and move that can actually make me like the new mixer a little better.
For the new Control Room, I won’t comment for now :wink:

Anything on the “Focusing issue”?

Please chime in with your experience (and I will test on the trial version). Thanks in advance.

As someone who is still going back and forth between 5.5 and 6, I can tell you that 6 has me moving a lot faster. Mixer configurations, sends and inserts in the same view, zones, mixer visibility and now project window visibility, rtas on each channel as well as in the post and studio eqs all equal far less clicking for me.
I used to have a ton of KCs and mackie control buttons programed for different views and different mixers and I don’t need them now because that thing that was one or two clicks or buttons away is now right in front of me or only one click or button away.
On small projects it doesn’t make much difference but it still helps. One larger projects is makes a big difference and it is really hard to go back to N5.5.

That being said, there is room for improvement and most of the gripes and suggestions floating around are warranted and would make it even better.